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Another wasted printout

Yesterday i wasted another printout,which costs 5rs/page.
It was when i gave my precious resume to Instablogs at Shimla.
Though its not related to my field but still was trying to grab that kind of working environment.
A small but appreciable organization. And most important thing,is there work which is strongly recommended for freaks of net.
After an aptitude test i was asked to wait outside. At that interval i had conversation with a nice person about the viva. When he said to me that the viva is going to be all about net, i was full of confident that i am gonna make this job.
But instead of calling for viva, I was gently advised to get my ass outta there by a beautiful lady HR cause i guess i was disqualified on the routine aptitude test! But she said i'll be called for the interview :)
It was so embarrassing cause i thought i was perfect for that job cause thats what i do 24*7 at my home ,surfing & keep tracking on new contents on net.
Now its getting really embarrassing & economical (5rs/page) to go out for the job & let people of corporate world decide how did i waste my whole academic session in passing those tedious xXxzams :(

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