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We became what we always wanted to

For 4 years i did nothing except watching movies,surfing net,downloading latest stuff & keep marking my attendance at ORKUT & FACEBOOK !!
Now the situation is that i have to study same tedious books which were the best excuse of sleep during college time !
At that time whenever we used to open first page, automatically eyes & mind had always forced us to have sleep for 2-3 hours, & those 2-3 hours always had turned into 6-7 hours !! Because since childhood i had never made compromise with lovely sleep !
Reading the same syllabus books again & again is like someone is filling up ur wounds with salt & adding chillies in an extra amount !
So i just wanted to say that yu have to be always cool keeping track of latest stuff but give first priority to real life and don't always rush to invent new ideas of wasting time.
otherwise time already have lots of fucking ideas to waste your life time !!

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