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Found some useful things to keep always in mind

1. Don’t try to explore your super sixth sense mind to read what other people thinks or or might have thinking , & dont either make them doing so. If its serious, then have a talk !

2. Be polite, but don’t try to be friends with everyone around you. Remember you are not a movie star, to whom everyone likes in a movie.

3. Just try to spend Spend time with nice people.

4. Do what you know is right & on’t try be everyones favrait . There might have been people who would badly like to kick your ass exactly when you are feeling on the top of the world.

5. Be yourself.

6. Don't be rude or shy. Network with people on the point "Be yourself "

7. Don’t worry too much about what other people care about.

8. Maturity helps in life more than anything else , just don't forget to loose your charm on that

9. Whatever your current situation is 'good or bad' , it will not last forever.

10. Remember where exactlty you are (economically). Don’t buy stuff you don’t need. And don't go with the stuff which you can't afford.

Atlast " Hope for the better life " .

And try MUSIC tharapy

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